AIG Insurance IPAS a common project Signature Ahead!


Customers IPAS free residential property insurance to be valid for 3 months will be presented ...

AIG Insurance is one of the world's largest insurance company with the most extensive sales network in Turkey IPAS performing a joint project.

Ihlas Marketing Inc. with Turkey's most extensive sales network (IPAS), one of the world's largest insurance company, AIG Insurance Co. He scored by signing a joint project. for 3 months to AIG by IPAS IPAS customers in this context to be available Residential Furniture Insurance Policy will be presented.

Every month 168,000 visitors to the home, Turkey's largest door-to-door marketing organization taking Ihlas Marketing Inc. All customers need without any precondition residential property insurance gift certificates that can benefit from this advantage. IPAS's old customers can also seize this opportunity by making the application. under the policy; 1,000 per fire coverage, locksmith assistance services (maximum $ 100/1 time), $ 250 limit include theft coverage and telephone counseling services.

Ihlas Marketing, Inc. About

IPAS; Turkey's 75 provinces, as well as the US, Canada, Africa, and the world is giving service in many countries, especially the EU countries. Each month, dealers, provided that each through different channels, both demos, as well as service-oriented address is 168 thousand visits. IPAS, may seem like a large family is actually a giant providing indirect employment to 6,500 people about 25 thousand ...

AIG Insurance Co. About

AIG Insurance; nearly 100 years of experience and a pioneering company in the field of insurance product diversity ... worldwide in more than 130 countries with more than 60,000 employees with more than 88 million customers serving AIG in business every day 120 million USD to close damage paying, continued to trade and work with over 500 product and service packages in individual areas is a global company that brings feature.

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