Human Resources


On the basis of all activities of Ihlas Holding 'first located Man' principle. This material part of our principles and our employees to ensure a peaceful and warm working environment for the exchange of corporate value by considering the moral rights of our most fundamental purpose.

Our relationship with our employees race, language, religion, gender, nationality, political and physical condition, regardless of the law and act ethically.

Ihlas Holding's human resources policy; the right candidate to hire, develop, to improve performance is to promote and ensure loyalty. The following processes are implemented within this framework.


Selection and Placement

The right to work, to place the right candidate. Company to attract candidates who can fulfill the requirements of the appropriate culture and position, select and place the appropriate position.



Newly-hired our colleagues to organize recruitment exercise program to adapt easily to Ihlas Holding.



Employees of all developments occurring in the nature of the business and keep up with the changes, the task to increase the satisfaction of information is necessary to ensure that they are more successful in the business environment, skills, attitudes and identify training programs aimed at providing behavior, implement and evaluate the results for the benefit of the company.


Career Planning - Backup

In management positions and functions in the performance of their employees to develop the company's position to ensure the preparation and management levels will need in the future to create a career plan, implement and evaluate.


Performance Evaluation

employee competencies, skills and performance in the framework of general criteria to assess in an objective way and develop.



the competence of the employees, their performance and contribution to the work done by the company, the degree of difficulty, to ensure they receive fair compensation according to the level of responsibility.



meet social and cultural needs of employees, social services and the benefits of all employees in a balanced way to increase employee satisfaction by the utility.



Employees of the company contributed to its success and to appreciate and reward high performance.